Front Post Half Double Crochet

Deep breath... don't be intimidated by the long abbreviation and even longer name. The front post half double crochet (fphdc for "short", ha) is pretty easy! And it will create a really fun texture to the bottom of hats, clothing, and whatever else you can come up with!

This stitch is worked around the stitch of the previous row. Which means usually you've been working with longer stitches (double crochet, half double, etc) so that your yarn will actually be able to fit around it.

The stitch from your previous row is considered the "post". And by crocheting around it in a certain way you will make it stick out to the front. In the fphdc you will be crocheting a half double crochet around that post.

Check out the step by step instructions...
Yarn over. 
 Insert your hook under the stitch from the previous row, so it is on top of the hook. Yarn over and pull up a loop.

Yarn over. Pull the loop through all three loops on your hook.

And, you're done! Super easy.  Alternated with regular hdcs it will create a ribbed texture! If you choose to do another row, make sure to put your fphdc around the same fphdc from the previous row.