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Amazingly easy and quick Crochet Pumpkins!

Have you been looking for an easy, quick crochet pumpkin pattern? Here it is! This is my favorite way to make pumpkins. I tried the "rustic texture" look and while I liked it, I found it took me longer than I wanted and closing the top was a bit tricky.  This pattern is a lot quicker, and turns out SO super cute!

I made most of my pumpkins in three different sizes (small, medium, large) but it's easy to make them smaller or larger for mini or jumbo sized pumpkins!

Most category 6 yarns will work, but I really enjoy working with Lion Brand Thick & Quick, Premier Yarn Mega Tweed, and also Big Twist Naturals (all available at Joann Crafts).  I was able to make 2-3 pumpkins per skein, depending on the size made.  I ended up using a 7mm hook, but use the hook size that keeps your pumpkin from getting too many gaps between stitches and is still easy to use. Gauge doesn't matter a whole lot!

Materials Needed:
Super Bulky Yarn, Category 6
Size 7mm hook
Yarn Needle

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