How to make a Magic Circle

A magic circle (MC) is a great way to begin a round for a hat, or amigurumi. You are able to tighten the hole to give it a nice, finished look. Here are the steps that I take to make my MC! Once I found what worked for me, making a MC became a whole lot easier. I hope this will help you successfully make a MC too!

First loop your yarn over your fingers, making an X like this, on the underside of your fingers. 

Hold the loop secure and, on the top of your hand, insert your hook under the first strand of yarn, but over the second. 

Pull that second strand of yarn under the other strand. Keep holding your yarn securely at the bottom and pull that loop up.

You'll have a loose loop on your hook. Keep holding the "circle" part and ch 1 to secure the top of your loop.

In this picture, I've chained 2, and then 6 dc into my MC. I find it easier to straighten my "circle" and pretend I'm crocheting in a straight line at first. Then, when I'm done with the round, I pull the tail to tighten my circle.
After another round, you can pull the tail even tighter to finish.