Free Scrunchie Printable Tag

This printable is definitely bringing me back to my 90's childhood... scrunchies are all the rage right now in the crochet community! Anyone else having some major nostalgia? I'm having flashbacks to side ponytails and jeans with patches. (Shhh, I was so cool back then!)

Holiday craft fair season is almost upon us, so I'm beginning to stock up on items to sell this Fall.  Scrunchies are quick and easy, and a great way to stash bust while you're at it.  

I prefer to sell my scrunchies in sets of 2 or 3 but needed something cute to keep them together. These printable tags are a great way to display scrunchies at craft fairs, online, or when shipping them to happy customers!  You can even hole punch the top to hang them on a display if you'd like, or write a price directly on the front or back.

Print them on card stock, and cut them out (I prefer to cut around the black line so you can still see it... a large paper cutter is great for this!). Then loop around a set of scrunchies, staple, and you're good to go! (It even includes laundry symbols on the back!)

Click the link below, download, and print!  Please link back to my blog if you share with friends :)

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  1. Do you happen to have one without the washing symbols?

    1. I'd be happy to make a version without the symbols! I'll add it to the post once I'm finished :)


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