Coronavirus amigurumi - free pattern

Talking to young kids about serious things is hard. Really hard. Because you want them to take it seriously but you don't want to scare them. It's a fine balance. ⁣ I strive to always tell my kids the truth, even if its scary. But, finding the words to tell them an age appropriate truth can be difficult sometimes.

Today I made this little Coronavirus germ and talked to my girls (they're 2.5 & 4.5) about hand washing, germs, Coronavirus, and how we plan on staying safe and not spreading germs to our friends and family. ⁣
After, we played some games including hot potato (whoever had him at the end had to wash their hands in the play kitchen sink) and hide & find the germ.⁣  They've also decided to play "dodge germ", where they throw it at one another and try not to "get infected"... their idea, ha!
I think they get the point, but hopefully had some fun too. ⁣
Stay safe & healthy friends! 💜⁣

You can find the pattern at my Ravelry store for free!