Craft Fair Custom Order Printable

I remember walking around craft fairs as a little girl, soaking in all the colors, sounds, and sights of handmade goodies. Now, as an adult, craft fairs are still one of my favorite things... only this time I get to be a vendor! 

I was incredibly nervous the first time I sold in-person. But, over the years I've figured out tips and tricks that help me feel more comfortable and have an even more successful event.

As craft fair season approaches once again, I wanted to share a free printable with all you makers!  Last year I decided to whip up a quick form to help with taking custom orders at events.  It helps me stay organized and looks more professional to potential customers.  When a shopper asks me if I can make something in a different color, style, size... I have them jot their details down on this form and then I clip the paper to my board in my office (well, yarn room... lets be honest). 

I hope this one helps you as well!

You can download the file here!

   Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be sharing more tips and freebies that have helped me sell in-person! Stay tuned, and please feel free to comment on what would be most helpful for you!