Velvet Bow Printable

I'm in love with this velvet yarn!  After working up the scrunchies in my last post, I decided to make some sweet little velvet bows.  These are so fun, easy, and perfect for fall or winter... (velvet puts me in the mood for hot chocolate and cozy fires)!  
You can find the pattern for the bows on this post here.  Once you make some of your own, check out this printable! It is perfect for displaying your bows at craft fairs, or to use when shipping off to customers!


Or if you prefer a printable without the dollar ($) sign, you can download it here.

To use, cut around the black lines.  Once your cards are cut out, cut the light gray line (making a slit in the middle of the card). Using an exacto blade, or small razor, is helpful (I put it on a cutting board first).  Clip your bows through the slit and you're good to go!


  1. It would be awesome if you could make these for scrunchies as well! instead of saying velvet bow it could say knit scrunchies, velvet scrunchies, cotton scrunchies, etc! and make them slightly longer to fit 3 scrunchies!

    1. I can definitely do that! How were you picturing the scrunchies attaching with this one?


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